When a power outage at an oil rig endangers the life of Becca Collin’s brother-in-law, her only place to turn for answers is Logan Johnston, the oil company’s PR rep. As he arrives in town to show his support, Logan tries his best to spread Christmas cheer and make spirits bright during an uneasy time. As they grow closer, Becca begins to fall for the handsome stranger’s charm. But when her brother-in-law’s situation takes a turn for the worst, Becca starts questioning Logan’s motives and whether he’s in Big Sky country to protect his company or to get her brother-in-law safely home for the holidays.


Release Date: 2023 Genre: Adventure, Holiday, Romance Minutes: 84 Ratings: TV-G Format: HD IMDb Page

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Celeste Desjardins
as Georgia Jackson
Joe Scarpellino
as Chase Knightly
Roy Lewis
as Randall
Kym Johnson Herjavec
as Evie Knightly

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