Clinging to the only life she’s ever known, a headstrong woman (along with her loving parents) finds herself on the verge of losing her family’s berry farm in the heart of the Smoky Mountains to an impending retail expansion. Over one eventful holiday season, she tries every avenue possible to save the farm. But, when the local town leaders notify her that they will have to seize the property after the holidays, her last hope to unite the town and throw a Christmas concert on the farm headlined by her former love, a ne’er Smoky do well country music superstar. As the day of the concert approaches, they all must learn the value of family, faith and community before time runs out.


Release Date: 2015 Genre: Drama, Family, Holiday Minutes: 84 min Ratings: TV-G Format: HD IMDb Page Dove Approved All AgesParent Television Council Seal Of Approval

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Sarah Lancaster
as Shelby Haygood
Barry Corbin
as Wade Haygood
Alan Powell
as Mason Wyatt
Jill Wagner
as Trish Greene