Katie Jolly is about to leave her small Colorado town for a dream job at a prestigious law firm in New York City. But when her father is involved in a logging accident, she must put her dreams on hold to stay and help run the family business. With their lumber company in jeopardy, Katie decides to enter the annual holiday lumberjack competition to uphold their family tradition and win the prize to save the failing business. As Katie works tirelessly to train for the contest, romance sparks with fellow competitor Harrison, the paramedic that saved her dad’s life. When New York comes calling again, it forces Katie to choose between the contest, her heart, and her job. But with the help of a little Christmas magic, Katie just might get her happy ending.


Release Date: 2021 Genre: Drama, Holiday, Romance Minutes: 90 Ratings: TV-PG Format: HD IMDb Page

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Kimberly-Sue Murray
as Katie Jolly
Stephen Huszar
as Harrison Brock
Trish Stratus
as Marie Brown